Team building in Ostend

If you mention ‘Ostend’, you immediately might picture yourself paddling in the sea. However, Ostend, as a city and seaside resort, has much more to offer than an enjoyable stroll on the beach!

Did you know that the Ostend Convention Bureau could direct you to an exceptionally wide range of team building activities? Indeed, the Bureau has over 80 enjoyable moments on the beach, in the sea, in the city or in the historic Fort Napoleon on offer as a successful addition to your event.

Fancy an adrenaline boost? Then land yachting is a must, or maybe trying to catch a wave with a surfing initiation… or would you rather learn how to kite?

Maybe you prefer your guests to taste a piece of history? In and around the impressive Fort Napoleon, you can find about 14 different teambuilding activities. Are you curious about the mysteries of the Fort’s secret corridors? Or how about the action game ‘Escape from Fort Napoleon’, a unique team event with a high fun factor. What about solving a murder mystery?

You can also follow in the footsteps of polar explorer Adrien de Gerlache and visit the 'Mercator', the historic sailing ship, and a real jewel in the crown of Ostend since 1964. Or visit the 'Amandine' and witness the tough life of the fishermen who travelled to the Icelandic waters to find their catch. An intense experience for all the senses!

Ever wanted to try shrimp fishing like in the olden days? Protected by waterproof waders and strong bright yellow jackets, you will carry a large trawl behind you. After a tight battle with the waves, you will bring in the catch. Afterwards you will be cooking the shrimps, get a demonstration on how the peel them and finally be able to consume them either on the beach or at home.

Furthermore, you can pick various enjoyable ways to discover Ostend, a genuine ‘city’ near the sea. Culinary tasting or a cultural exploration for example, via an original lunch with' A'petit or a beer tasting. The city game 'Oostendsche Ploaten’ or the interactive trail 'An't Zeetje’ will guide you along lesser-known gems of Ostend and will completely immerse you into the atmosphere of the Belle Époque heydays of the city. And why not finish the evening at the Casino?

Of course, this is only a short list of what Ostend has to offer you for your event. For a detailed overview, you better check here.

Thomas De Meyer

Thomas De Meyer - Account Manager