At the sea

Paintwork At the sea (show large version)

This interactive course will take you along the A-route and lesser known gems of Ostend, The Queen of Seaside Resorts and immerse you into the world of Belle Epoque.


Your group will be divided into teams of 10 persons and discover the rich history and culinary hot spots of this coastal city. With the teambuilding aspect your team will be able to expand through a series of challenges the wealth (land, raw materials) and power of the city (streets, ships, money). You will not only be rewarded when successfully completing a task, in addition you will have theopportunity to expand your wealth by betting a joker or gold bar. But a true negotiator is not only able to turn a profit on the assets at the bank, but also when dealing with other teams and can evade encounters with criminals on the trail. Through an ingenious trading system you can rise above the other teams! This formula can be worked out as an incentive or as a teambuilding programme, transfers are by bike.

Why Ostend?
  • Your specialist for meetings, incentives and conferences

  • Large choice of meeting rooms, gastronomic restaurants and teambuilding activities

  • Ostend is easy accessible and all major venues are within walking distance from each other

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