Bamboo Workshop

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Do you feel like getting down to business? Can you hear the intensive debates?

Do you want to brainstorm and find creative solutions? Then the bamboo workshop will be to your liking! To build something together is a very powerful tool when creating teams. With very simple materials (bamboo sticks, rubber bands, coloured canvases, led lights, rain-pipes, flexible tubes, cardboard,...) your team makes for example a fantastic giant marble coaster, a triumphal arch, your own castle or something regarding a current matter in the company. You can build these things in the company, on location or outdoors. We would like to help you to build something on a interesting subject in a creative way.

Collaboration, leadership, creativity, inventiveness, timing and deadlines are just a few key concepts in this extremely dynamic team building. Additional difficulties are present in this multi-task concept. Like modules who are built separately and later integrated. There are even special effects to give a certain dynamics to the construction. This giant mission can be just for fun but can also be a interesting and dynamic measure to focus on group activities under the guidance of a professional coordinator and focus on experiential learning.

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