Battle of the Coast

Rafting Battle of the Coast (show large version)

A good dose of creativity, courage, concentration, balance and communication are required to participate in the Battle of the Coast.


On the beach the participant will find a large padlocked chest. If the teams succeed in cracking the three-digit code then they get to take home a fabulous prize. The participants will spot 3 large buoys in the sea. Each buoy is marked with a number that is part of the code. The participants have to build a raft to get to these buoys. But that’s the catch as they first have to earn the materials to build their raft! We divide the group into teams of about 10 people, who will compete against each other during eight challenges. For every challenge that a team wins, they will receive raw materials. Later in the day they can trade these raw materials against barrels, rope, bars, bicycle tires, paddles, and surf suits. The more materials they collect during the day, the more equipment the participants can buy and the greater the chance that they will be able to build a sturdy raft capable of withstanding the waves. The challenges consist of launching objects with a giant catapult of their own making, bridging distances with beer crates, giant skis, earth balls and wooden As, powerkiting, volleyball, ultimate frisbee and three-dimensional puzzles. Once all the challenges have been completed the participants can buy the equipment they need to start building their raft. This very accessible program is a must for any company that wants to strengthen solidarity among its employees.

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