City Challenge

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The City Challenge is not a boring city walk, but an interactive and challenging discovery of Ostend! In multiple teams you look for different locations in the city, with the help of a smartphone and a GPS device. You not only visit the most famous spots in Ostend, but your attention will also be drawn to less known locations or elements in the city. Collaboration in your team is necessary to solve our multimedia riddles and challenging assignments. Bonus missions deliver many extra points! But also keep an eye on the rankings, because the other teams are at your heels! The photo album which you will receive afterwards is a nice reminder of your successful team activity!

Fancy a personal touch to the game? It’s possible! The City Challenge can be extended with personalized questions, extra assignments or a stopover. We would love to hear about your ideas!

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Why Ostend?
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  • Large choice of meeting rooms, gastronomic restaurants and teambuilding activities

  • Ostend is easy accessible and all major venues are within walking distance from each other