Citygame: The Target

Roadmap - Citygame: The Target (show large version)

All those who love action and adventure. The target is an exciting pursuit game that is unique in the world. You are playing a video game, as it were, with the city as the setting. In The target a dangerous gangster just escaped from prison. He is now terrorising the city, as a client is paying him for every crime he commits. Three police officers are sent to catch the man before he ears € 1,000,000 and leaves the city.


In order to commit the crimes the gangster must steal (virtual) objects that are scattered throughout the city: a knife, a rope ladder, explosives, etc. But every time he steals an object or commits a crime the police are informed. This way, the gangster leaves a trail in the city. Will the police officers succeed in eliminating the gangster before he reaches his target?

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