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Building with Domino stones requires the creativity, communication competences, concentration and collaboration of the participants and embodies perfectly the risks, pressure and stress when working in large groups and/or projects. The workshop also perfectly stimulates the learning process focused on experience. Moreover it’s just fun and exciting. To build stone by stone, to reach a common goal needs the effort of everyone to make this succeed. Only one wrongly placed stone can mean the end of the project.


The participants are divided into teams. Each team designs an own project, builds a part of the final project and makes sure that it’s safely connected to the other and final project. Inside the teams it’s necessary to delegate the different tasks: leader, designer, constructor, safety coordinator, integrator, .. The participants should design something which is related to the theme of the day and they need to take into account: time, space and the number of domino stones. When all the projects are completed they are connected to each other. One person has the honour to start the domino finale, which optionally can be filmed: once the first stone falls down, then the entire domino train has to fall down without any interference..

A deafening applause arouses to celebrate that (almost) all the stones are falling down!!!! It’s time to have a close look at the projects and to let the teams explain their design. The music starts playing and in no time everyone collaborates and tidies up all the used materials. This workshop can be combined with a lunch and/or diner before or after the workshop.

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Why choose Domino Experience?
  • Use your creativity and work together to built the perfect domino train.

  • Every team builts part of the final design.

  • Perfectly combinable with a lunch before, in between or after the workshop.

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