Operation Fort Napoleon

Climbing on the Fort - Operation Fort Napoleon (show large version)

The garrison at Fort Napoleon appears sleepy for the battlefield is far away, there are too few guards and the war has left everyone feeling weary. Suddenly an ominous message arrives: war is imminent and Oostende could well be the scene of battle. Urgent measures must be taken: the fort must be at the ready, the soldiers rendered competent and well-armed, sufficient supplies must be obtained, strategies perfected and a field hospital set up. Spies and scouts are dispatched and secret channels of communication and codes devised. Events will take place under the code name ‘ Operation Fort Napoleon’ Concept Each of the companies at the fort must execute a number of the above-mentioned tasks. Each company must try to carry out its task as well as possible for the best division will receive double pay as a reward. The clients are divided into different companies. In consultation we select a number of tasks ranging from the tactical to the competitive, as well as combinations of these. Each team must carry out the tasks before it is allowed to raise its flag. If desired, it is possible to order flags bearing the client’s emblem, thus giving the impression that their company controls the fort.


Due to renovation works the Fort Napoleon is closed from September 2018 until summer 2019.

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