Quest Fort Napoleon

Lighthouse - Quest Fort Napoleon  (show large version)

The scenery and the atmosphere about Indiana Jones go well together: once more our professor archeology has to come from behind his dusty books to throw himself into adventure.

The participants are all students archeology who have to fullfill together with the professor in a certain period of time, a quest in the unique archeological site Fort Napoleon.

From a central head quarter different teams leave to fullfill some assignments. The mission is clear: collect as soon as possible the right tips and keys to reveal the mistery…

Possible tasks:
- In a capponière (side-entrance in the Fort), a safe is hidden. Will the tip be locked in the safe? But will we find the combination, and why do we hear music?
- We see a construction that could be modern art: a bike on rolls, it can’t be possible to do some fitness here…!
- With the right decoding data we should discover the hidden message in the painting of Otto Pieper?
- With some matches we go into a dark space and we have to try to find the right data before the matches go out…

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