First Aid | Safety Challenge

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Action-packed training with realistic simulation of emergencies !! This center is the first in Europe that offers training for non professionals. You even get the opportunity to safely participate at certain modules . All sessions are interactive ! We guarantee an action-packed adventure !


Part 01: Fire Fighting Center The Falck, in Ostend, is one of the few in Europe who can simulate almost all kinds of fire classes. After putting on a full fire gear we go into a dark maze. Experience how firemen try to make their way into the smoke to fight a fire. Learn to use the right tools for the right type of fire.

Part 02: First Aid. This course is a first aid refresher that will remind you of having the right reflexes during first aid. Always, everywhere and for everyone! The following techniques are being taught: resuscitation techniques, use of defibrillator, first aid for severe bleeding, administering first aid for burns, etc. The theory takes about 10 minutes per part, practical exercises a total of 45 minutes.

Part 03: The Falck Sea Survival Centre in Ostend has a training pool where all possible weather scenarios of the North Sea can be simulated. This ranges from waves of 2 to 3 meters high, heavy rain, storm weather up to 7 Beaufort, ... etc. The group is divided into teams, the participants put survival gear on (acting like a buoy) and then jump into the water . While one team is in trouble, the other team will perform the correct actions to bring them to safety. What's on the program? Simulation of being picked up by a helicopter, training on how  to get safely into a life raft, ... and many more survival techniques.

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