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The workshop can be built around different themes: concentration, building stress resistance or simply entertainment. Although fencing is one of the oldest Olympic sports, it remains a modern combat sport in which the athlete develops many skills. Speed, flexibility and precision are among the most important physical properties of the fencer. Tactical insight and technical skills are important assets. In addition, the fencer must have a strong concentration, nerves of steel and be stress resistant.

Workshop fencing. Participants first get a brief explanation of the activity, the clothing and materials. Then everyone gets a personal outfit: a jacket, a mask, a glove and a foil. Elementary techniques are taught in a playful way. Once participants master the footwork and some offensive and defensive techniques, they are ready for  "the real game". Participants can challenge each other and go into battle with each other. They can also duel in teams, teammates should as much as possible try to beat the other team.

Specific Info - Choice of venue  - Included: foil, vest, gloves, mask, drink - Additional rental location costs - Target group: adults, adolescents and children over 8 years

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