Global Festival Game

Oostende 8400
Solve questions and complete assignments
Enhances the group feeling

Work hard – party harder!

At this festival we have seven different music stages. Each stage has a different genre of music. Teams are free to come and go as they please. Along the way, teams collect points by solving riddles, recreating 'festival moments' and answering 'pop-up' questions. The team with the most points wins! In addition, all teams play together to earn time. You want as much time as possible: the time collected determines how long the DJ will play at the after party.
Global Festival Game is a teambuilding activity full of fun. It enhances the group feeling in a relaxed setting full of music.


Welcome to Global Festival! Visit the seven stages at our festival site to solve questions and complete assignments with your team. By scoring points you collect seconds for a smashing after party. The accumulated seconds determine how long the party will last.

Game play:

At the festival entrance, you exchange your ticket for a wristband. Each team will also receive a tablet to use when completing assignments. Just like at a real festival, you have a choice of stages to visit. You also decide how long you’ll stay at each one. Every stage has its own music genre. The challenges are diverse and accessible to everyone (music connoisseur or not), ranging from assignments to mental tests.

The end:

Which team will be crowned the Festival King for the day and take home the trophy? The total score of the teams is important for this. Furthermore, the more points scored in total, the more seconds the DJ will play at the party after your teambuilding session.

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