Infinite loop

Oostende 8400
Virtual teambuilding
Communication is key
Decrypting codes

Plunge into the virtual reality game where communication between two worlds is crucial.

Virtual Reality is the future. The company "The Odyssey" wants to make this accessible to everyone. But it turns out to be not as innocent as it seems. Odyssey kidnaps users and locks them up in the virtual world. You and your colleagues will be divided into teams of “White Hat Hackers", which ensure the safety in the virtual world. Your mission: free a teenager who was trapped in the virtual world, last night.

This team building takes you back and forth between de real world and the virtual world. One team member at a time wears the VR headset to describe the virtual world, while the teammates in the real world decipher and communicate solutions with the help of a manual with clues, tips and puzzles. Immerse yourself in an environment, similar to Minecraft and communicate from within with your team members. Only through cooperation you will succeed in freeing the teenager!

Will you succeed or will he remain forever trapped in the virtual world?

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