Beer restaurant Heerlijk

Nieuwpoortsesteenweg 893, Oostende 8400
Located next to the airport
Meeting facilities
Largest trappist collection & more than 100 beers

Brasserie (H)eerlijk is a discovery for beer lovers. Thanks to its 47 different kinds of Trappist beers, "Brasserie (H)eerlijk" has the biggest Trappist collection in the world. Other special beers from "Palm Breweries" for example, are served here with love as well. The dishes made with beer like the stew with pork jowl cooked in Rodenbach beer or the Zabaglione made with Rohefort beer are delightful. Every month, a new menu is prepared with known and lesser-known beers.

Meetingroom available up to 40 people, including all meeting facilities.

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