Why is Ostend "the place to be" for your meetings, teambuildings and conferences?
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has a wide range of venues and activities

Large, small, with a sea view, full of history or with a contemporary touch: the venues and quality restaurants for meetings and events in Ostend are very versatile, just like the city itself. In addition to large conference centres such as the Kursaal and CC De Grote Post, there are also many 'outside the ordinary'possibilities.

The range of unique team building activities is as rich as the sea is deep.
The beach and the sea are perfect for team building activities that cannot be found anywhere else: from go-kart quests, kite initiations, sand yacht rides, sea rafting, sailing, speedboat rides to escaping Fort Napoleon.

is easily accessible

Ostend is easily accessible, and many locations are within walking distance of each other.
The morning rush hour can be a hell of a journey these days: the roads to the big cities such as Ghent and Brussels are completely saturated and there are traffic jams every day.
However, if you drive in the direction of Ostend, you will rarely have traffic jams. Moreover, you can easily get from the motorway to the centre of the city.

Oostende is vlot bereikbaar, waar bovendien vele locaties op wandelafstand van elkaar liggen.
De ochtendspits is tegenwoordig vaak een helse tocht: de wegen naar de grote steden zoals Gent en Brussel zijn volledig verzadigd en elke dag opnieuw is er wel weer file.
Richting Oostende daarentegen heb je zelden files. Bovendien zit je heel snel van de autosnelweg in het centrum van de stad.

always evokes a holiday feeling because of its location by the sea

The sea and the beach are relaxing and inspiring. Even if you are in Ostend for a meeting or a conference, you will always have that holiday feeling. Getting some fresh air in between business meetings or taking a stroll on the beach promenade or on the beach is so relaxing!
But also a meeting room overlooking the beach, waking up in a hotel room with a sea view
or various activities on the beach will make your business trip an even more pleasant experience.

is the city with a lot to discover and experience all year round

Numerous events offer you an ideal opportunity throughout the year to invite your customers and business relations in a slightly more informal atmosphere.
The Ostend film festival and Ostend at Anchor offer top facilities and opportunities for a pleasant evening with your contacts, something your relations will certainly appreciate. There are also various options for inviting your customers to a unique setting, such as the VIP options offered by the KVO soccer club and the BCO basketball team.

has a surprisingly rich history

Over the centuries, Ostend often saw hard times: sieges, destruction and flooding were a regular reality. Ostend fully blossomed in the 19th century when King Leopold II turned the city into a fashionable seaside resort. The traces of this royal past are still clearly visible today.
Of course, the sea has always exerted a great attraction on artists and performers. World-class artists have left their mark in Ostend in all fields of art and culture.