The Big Picture

Oostende 8400

The Big Picture offers a new take on the classic team-building activity of painting a masterpiece. Their unique approach to this activity encourages a high level of engagement and produces astonishing results. At the end of the day, when they have seen their finished product, the participants will have experienced and gained a true understanding of the power of cooperation – and they can take a lasting memory of this day home with them!

Companies choosing this programme want to bring across a powerful message, such as ‘look at what we can accomplish through cooperation’ or ‘everyone’s contribution is important’. The activity is a great help in strengthening corporate values, launching new products or communicating corporate messages.

One of the best things about this programme is that the product of the team-building event lives on as a tangible memory of a special day, reminding everyone of how effectively a well-oiled team can cooperate. The work of art ultimately produced is guaranteed to serve as a source of inspiration that encourages collaboration and reminds people of the value of cooperation, even long after the event.

In conjunction with Ensor 2024, The Big Picture has been redesigned in a James Ensor-themed version.

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