Citygame: Spy Game

Oostende 8400
Mysterious citygame
Decrypting codes
Different formulas

Terrorists endanger the city using a bomb. It’s up to your team to locate the bomb and to dismantle it on time! The destiny of thousands of residents is in your hands!

The meeting point is a secret location where you will receive an Electronic Survival Package containing two handheld GPS devices, a transmitter, an emergency phone in order to bring your team leader in contact with the operation centre and your first mission. Then you will set out, like real secret agents, to crack codes, follow traces, find tubes. In short: You will need to find all the information to locate the bomb. But make sure that the terrorists’ accomplices don’t spot you. You receive 2 GPS devices: a navigation device and a GPS to locate the “danger points”. These are the places where the accomplices of the terrorist are hiding and wait for the right moment to expose you! Once you have gathered all the clues you will have to locate the bomb... Only you can dismantle the bomb and thus save the city and its residents. Spy Game can be played by day, in the evening or at night.

There are different formulas with varying distances to be covered:

  • basic (5 km, 2-3hrs)
  • medium (6 km, 2-3hrs)
  • hard (10 km, 3-4hrs)
  • full (12 km, 3-4hrs)

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