Deschildre Regional Products

Oostende 8400
Group visit
Charcuterie making workshop
Tasting of regional products

The certified regional products from the entirety of Flanders are gathered under one roof at Deschildre Streekproducten. Deschildre is a regional products and delicacies store where you can taste the region and tradition. Situated at a unique location on the Belgian coast, with a view of the sea and the Ostend fish market, the store offers delicious and honest products made in the tradition of their (great-)great-grand parents. Besides the homemade charcuterie, you can find numerous other certified regional products here – products that cannot be found in department stores. They serve as a counterpart to industrial mass production thanks to the artisanal approach. Everything is 100% Belgian!

The store does not only allow you to taste a range of delicacies, as you can also witness how the homemade charcuterie is created through a window with a direct view of the production space. In addition to the tasting sessions, you can also visit the store for a group visit or a workshop to learn how to create charcuterie!

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