Ensor-themed team-building activities

Ensor 2024, a multi-faceted city festival, numerous exhibitions and high-profile events reveal the true face of the ‘man behind the masks’. Over 80 activities, including 27 exhibitions, immerse you in the universe of James Ensor. Even Ensor-themed team-building activities can be booked in the context of this city festival! Learn more about the Ensor team-building activities!

The Big Picture

The Big Picture offers a new take on the classic team-building activity of painting a masterpiece. Their unique approach to this activity encourages a high level of engagement and produces astonishing results. At the end of the day, when they have seen their finished product, the participants will have experienced and gained a true understanding of the power of cooperation – and they can take a lasting memory of this day home with them! This team-building activity has now been redesigned to focus on the work of James Ensor in conjunction with Ensor 2024.

The lost Deadly Sins

The starring role of this irresistible detective game, set in Ostend and brimming with mysteries and secrets, is played by James Ensor. Ostend was this famous artist’s home base for almost his entire life. It was here, in the ‘queen of seaside resorts’, that he painted many of the masterpieces in his oeuvre. One his most famous works is The Seven Deadly Sins. Unfortunately, Ostend is about to be hit by a disaster: the works were stolen by an evil gangster, who was recently assassinated. Hunting for clues around the convivial seawall, the Mercator museum ship, the Venetian Galleries and many more of Ostend’s landmarks, the participants will have to solve this terrible crime and return the original Seven Deadly Sins to the city.

Best of Ensor

This digital game, set in Ostend, brings you to various places in the city that are somehow linked to Ensor and/or his work. During this scavenger hunt through Ostend, you will need to answer several questions about Ensor and complete some challenging practical assignments. These assignments will encourage you to use your creativity. Of course, if there is one thing that cannot be missing in a game called Best of Ensor it is the ‘masked man’ himself, who will cross the teams’ various paths at several points during their quest.