The Mole

Oostende 8400

In ‘La Talpa’, we introduce you to an exciting game where nobody can be trusted. Participants are divided in groups who compete against each other in all kind of tests. Some play a double game: they secretly try to sabotage the missions. Finally however this is a team building game and you try to win as a group. An interesting idea to start a game: knowing that you have to cooperate if you want to win, while at the same time realizing that someone is trying to prevent it.

A game where collaboration is necessary to have enough information at the end of the game to be one step ahead of the traitor, to block and to unmask him/her! This is a game where people start with different ambitions but end with one and the same goal: to unmask the traitor!! In short, let you carry away in a wonderful game where trust and treason were never so close together, because you never know who you can trust for 100%.

Who knows, maybe your best friend in real life is a true traitor in the game!

It was decided to give the concept a new look. Finally, a Mole 2.0 was created with completely new assignments. In this way customers who have already played the concept are given the chance to experience it again. Coalition building, teammate trust and communication are even more crucial in the new version. New options such as the elimination round with red/green screens and the possibility of teasers were also added

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