North Sea Summit meets in Ostend

On April 24th, Ostend had the honour and pleasure of hosting the North Sea Summit. Government leaders from nine countries came together to discuss their ambitions for a climate-neutral energy production by 2050. We can look back on a successful summit as all countries signed the "Ostend Declaration" .

Ostend Declaration

The plan includes several actions to transform the North Sea into a large green power station. The different countries will invest in new wind farms and the connection between them.

Ostend's pioneering role

It is no coincidence that Ostend was chosen for this European summit. The Belgian part of the North Sea already has 399 operational wind turbines, which are maintained by various companies from the port of Ostend. Our city has also become a breeding ground for knowledge and innovation, and therefore won its title as ‘pioneer in the blue economy’. And we will always encourage economic growth by using the natural resources the ocean has to offer in a sustainable way.

Ostend conference city

With the North Sea Summit, Ostend was able to, once again, highlight its title as a pioneer in the blue economy. But, just as important, we were able to show that we have a lot to offer as a conference city as well. That day, among others, Fort Napoleon shone as one of our many top locations.

Ostend offers an extremely diverse range of meeting and conference facilities for both small and large groups. Moreover, the City by the Sea is easily accessible and has plenty to discover and experience all year round. Ostend is therefore the ideal destination for organizing meetings and conferences. Curious about what we have to offer? Discover it here.