Oostende 8400
Mysterious citygame
Hunting game

Who has the best detective skills? Call up your inner Sherlock Holmes, because a murder must be solved! In different teams, you cross the city looking for virtual clues. Write down all the useful information you will find during your search, because they help you to expose the murderer and discover the murder weapon. Do not forget to also question the virtual witnesses. They have caught a glimpse of the killer and can therefore provide you with essential information.

Thanks to your deduction skills and your eye for detail, you will be able to cross off possible suspects from your list and find the culprit. Are you 100 percent positive about the outcome of your investigation? Then it’s time to make an accusation at the police station. The honor of your team is at stake. Hopefully you will be able to help the police and who knows, maybe you will be the first to receive the reward?

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