Treasure quest

Oostende 8400
Mysterious citygame
Decrypting codes

You receive information about a hidden safe somewhere in the city. This safe was stolen from a Russian diplomat. He has asked you to return the safe in exchange for a reward. Solving puzzles, you break codes and find out where the next clue is hidden. But hurry, because the clock is ticking! Other sinister treasure hunters are also in the city. It sounds like an exciting modern Indiana Jones movie, and it actually is. A movie in which you play the leading role. The role of the hero. You and your team go to a secret location, where you receive some handheld GPS devices and an emergency mobile phone. You then divide the tasks among your team members: one team member will keep contact with your “client” through the emergency mobile phone. One person will be the navigator and make use of a gps device. Other team members carefully read the assignments underway... Another important task is assigned to the spotter: he or she uses a GPS device to keep track of the “danger points”! These danger points indicate the location of other treasure hunters, and you should not go there ... because they are unreliable! You can locate them as they are denoted by a skull on the screen of your gps device. You then assume the role of a treasure hunter and break codes, carry out assignments, search for secret locations, locate a Russian double agent with top secret information etc. When you have collected all pieces of the puzzle and followed the correct route, you end up at the location where the safe is hidden. You are then left with a final and crucial assignment, namely cracking the safe and seizing the contents!

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