Why Ostend is the ideal location for your event, even in winter

Ostend has always been a popular events location. And not just in the summer months either. In fact, its offering is so varied and diverse that you can enjoy a great team building activity, seminar or family day in the City by the Sea year-round. Looking for a location to plan your first post-Covid in-person meeting with co-workers? Consider Ostend!

1. Sea and beach
There is something about the sea and the beach that always make them feel magical, whether on a windy autumn day or a sun-drenched summer day. No matter the weather, life is always better at the sea!

2. Activities
Ostend has an extensive team building offering with plenty of facilities to organise indoor events in autumn and winter. But outdoor activities are also always an option. And you’ll definitely work up an appetite after all that fresh air! You can take our word for it!

3. Restaurants

Dinner is the highlight of the day for many participants after a day of meeting or team building activities. In Ostend, we pride ourselves on our cuisine, winter and summer. Receive a custom proposal, tailored to your group and season, for your culinary pleasure!

4. Venues

Ostend has a clutch of great hotels and unique venues. Autumn events always have a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, and Ostend’s unique venues add a nice finishing touch.

Vraag vrijblijvende informatie op

Do you have something specific in mind and do you think Ostend would be just the right location for your event? Request information from Lieve, Thomas and Silke at info@meetinoostende.be and we will gladly check how we can meet your expectations.