7 great venues to hold your New Year’s reception in Ostend

A New Year’s reception with phenomenal sea views, in a cultural heritage site, or overlooking a golf course – or something entirely different? The diversity of Ostend's numerous venues is simply overwhelming, so we would like to shine a spotlight on the seven greatest for you. Now, what if you were unable to find what you are looking for, want a tailored proposal, or need advice about which venue best fits your needs? Contact us at info@meetinoostende.be and we would be happy to help you!

Kursaal Oostende

The atmosphere of a venue can be so inspirational! This is something you cannot help but notice when being pampered in style by the attentive staff of the Kursaal. Apart from its unique situation, wide range of options, and modern reception rooms, Kursaal Oostende offers all customers a fully tailored experience. Whether you are hosting a reception for 100 or 1000, you can be assured that this cultural heritage site will offer precisely the right space to suit your needs.

De Grote Post

A unique and tasteful venue for any event, whether on a large or intimate scale, within walking distance of the sea and the beach: De Grote Post is a gem of post-war modernist architecture and was converted from a post office into a cultural centre in 2012. This is a place where the public, fans, and artists can meet. A New Year’s reception in an inspiring venue? De Grote Post is the place for you.

ACEG Wellington Racetrack

The ACEG Wellington Racetrack Ostend offers several fully renovated rooms of various sizes, all beautifully furnished in the authentic Belle Epoque style and featuring stunning views. Apart from the large hall, which measures no less than 1650m², you can also rent the mezzanine, the VIP room, and the Bagatelle.

The Pigeon

The Wellington Golf clubhouse is situated in a historic cultural heritage building. Its ground floor features a separate venue for festivities with a beautiful view of the golf course, the racetrack, and the Ostend skyline. Here, you can enjoy an oasis of tranquillity!

De Cierk

This new venue in the former Ostend fish auction revolves around experience and awareness, not only in terms of taste and quality, but also during the events held at its multi-purpose spaces. 'De Cierk is synonymous with delicious food, unique events, and, above all, a genuine experience at an authentic venue.' Hosting an event here means supporting the ideology of the short chain: traditional crafts, honest workmanship, and transparency.

Fort Napoleon

This impressive Fort set amidst the Ostend dunes is the perfect venue for a New Year’s reception. The authenticity of Fort Napoleon speaks to the imagination. Its various spaces offer all the flexibility you need, while the 'experience brasserie' takes care of every aspect of the catering.

Venetian Galleries

Once the stage of parading monarchs and other nobles, the Venetian Galleries is now a stylish, renovated venue featuring an outstanding cuisine. Apart from its unique setting, the venue is also ideally situated: in the heart of the city on the sea wall with a direct view of the sea. You will be sure to impress your guests when hosting a reception here!

Do you want to book one of these fantastic venues for your New Year’s reception straight away? Or do you have any questions or need advice about which venue best fits your needs? Contact us and we would be happy to help you! We can also always provide you with a tailored proposal, entirely free of obligation.