7 Teambuilding activities in the spotlight

Ostend offers a very broad and varied range of teambuilding activities. Thanks to its close partnerships with a diversity of organisations, Meet in Ostend is able to cater to all tastes. We would like to shine a spotlight on seven unique teambuilding activities for you.

Crystal Ship Rally (Event Mosaic)

The Crystal Ship’ is a contemporary art festival in the city centre of Ostend. More than 40 artists from all over the world have created gigantic mural paintings and art pieces that can be found throughout the city. During this artistic “Trophy”, you will experience by bike or by electric golfcart the most beautiful artworks the Crystal Ship has to offer. Each team gets a map, a questionnaire, pictures, and a reply card: solve the questions, try to locate the pieces of art in the street and indicate their location on the map.

Crack the Code (The Outsider Coast)

This programme challenges your team’s reasoning ability as well as their fitness. An ideal mix! In each team, “runners” and “thinkers” will be assigned. The thinkers stay on the spot and complete several tests. With the solutions to those, they can send the runners to the right places in Ostend. This way, everyone looks for the solution to decipher the murder mystery together.

Cooperation, physical effort and sharp senses are necessary to get hold of the code as quickly as possible, so your team can solve the murder mystery. This exciting team-building activity takes place in Ostend at Oosteroever (the East Bank) and/or the city centre.

The Mole (Ecco La Luna)

In ‘La Talpa’, we introduce you to an exciting game where nobody can be trusted. Participants are divided in groups who compete against each other in all kind of tests. Some play a double game: they secretly try to sabotage the missions. Finally however this is a team building game and you try to win as a group. An interesting idea to start a game: knowing that you have to cooperate if you want to win, while at the same time realizing that someone is trying to prevent it.

This programme was recently revamped and now features a full range of completely new assignments. Communication, forging coalitions and gaining your teammates’ trust have become even more crucial elements in this all-new version.

City Challenge (Geoteam)

The City Challenge is not a boring city walk, but an interactive and challenging discovery of Ostend! In multiple teams you look for different locations in the city, with the help of a smartphone and a GPS device. You not only visit the most famous spots in Ostend, but your attention will also be drawn to less known locations or elements in the city. Collaboration in your team is necessary to solve our multimedia riddles and challenging assignments. Bonus missions deliver many extra points! But also keep an eye on the rankings, because the other teams are at your heels! The photo album which you will receive afterwards is a nice reminder of your successful team activity!

ClimateGame (Perfect+ Event Productions)

An eco-team building that combines fun with effective knowledge building. No non-committal city game, but a unique and interactive mix of team learning and team event.

During the ClimateGame you become aware as a group that terms such as global warming, renewable energy, climate agreements and objectives are not a distant memory. On the contrary, the unique premise is that at the office (and at home), together with colleagues, you can do more than you think.

During the ClimateGame, your team will be equipped with an iPad, all sorts of materials and a common goal: to reduce your ecological footprint as much as possible. The result is a better climate and a better future.

North Sea Cruise Offshore Windfarm (Captain Blue)

During the 5-hour boat trip, an English speaking guide will immerse you in coastal navigation and port signaling, from various buoys and beacons to the exploration of marine birds and marine mammals and to the crossing of the international shipping route. Relax and enjoy the healthy sea air. The end point is the wind turbine park on the Thornton Bank, about 30 km from the coastline. A unique experience! English folders are available on the ship with more information about the windmills and the wind energy.

If a trip of 5 hours seems too long for you, you can also visit the windmills at sea with our speedboat. With our speedboat you will experience real adrenaline and the trip takes about 1h40min.

Beat The Box (Event Masters)

Each team receives a locked aluminium case. A mysterious video takes the participants on an adventure. With the information from the video, the teams are able to open the suitcase. In it there are again 4 locked boxes full of puzzles and riddles to decipher. Only by working together and sharing information, the participants can bring the game to a successful conclusion. Team work is essential!

The participants find letters in the last suitcase. By putting them in the right order, they can form a slogan. With this slogan the participants can stop the countdown clock.

More information

Would you like more information about any of these team-building activities? Or are you looking for something completely different? Browse our full range of activities or send us a message. We would be happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for!