Oostende 8400

What a dilemma: you and your team really do want to contribute to more climate awareness and even action. But how do you broach the subject without it becoming dull and pedantic? In short, without your team reacting lukewarmly and eventually dropping out altogether.

The ClimateGame in Ostend is the solution. An eco-team building that combines fun with effective knowledge building. No non-committal city game, but a unique and interactive mix of team learning and team event.

During the ClimateGame you become aware as a group that terms such as global warming, renewable energy, climate agreements and objectives are not a distant memory. On the contrary, the unique premise is that at the office (and at home), together with colleagues, you can do more than you think.

During the ClimateGame, your team will be equipped with an iPad, all sorts of materials and a common goal: to reduce your ecological footprint as much as possible. The result is a better climate and a better future.

At this 'one-of-a-kind' eco-team building you will organize a climate march, learn about renewable energy, build a windmill (no permit needed ;-)), write a protest song, discover the food of the future and so much more.

Much more awaits you - and the most important thing is that we exchange boring and pedantic for high-tech, interactive and playful and all this in the cozy city center of Ostend.

If you choose the ClimateGame, you automatically do a good climate deed. Because we have an official agreement with Natuurpunt. Per team that plays the ClimateGame, a new tree is planted somewhere in Flanders on a Natuurpunt site. Annually this involves at least 250m2 of forest.

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