Fort Napoleon: indoor winter team-building events

Few venues speak to the imagination as vividly as Fort Napoleon. This impressive fort, set amidst the dunes of Ostend, is an ideal venue for your next team event – even in winter. Its innumerable corridors and caponiers, the building’s authenticity, a unique brasserie that turns every meal into an experience and the location all offer the perfect ingredients for an unbeatable team-building experience. Apart from this, Fort Napoleon is a perfect all-weather location: no matter the weather, you are assured of a successful event.


Various event agencies offer customised team-building programmes at Fort Napoleon. Each programme makes its own use of the countless opportunities offered by the fort. Three possible activities to choose from:

Escape from Fort Napoleon

Enter the fort’s unheated inner courtyard and you will see a big key hanging from the wall. You will need it to escape the icy fort and its grumpy prison guards. Help your team acquire the key to the fort and regain your freedom!

Operation Fort Napoleon

Ostend could easily become the battlefield of a new war. It is imperative that preparations be made in the event of a war breaking out. The code name for this is ‘Operation Fort Napoleon’. Your team will be divided into companies, each of which must successfully complete five challenges.

Fort Adventure

During this Fort Boyard-style adventure, you will discover the secrets of mysterious Fort Napoleon. Your group will be divided into teams that compete against one another in five exciting challenges. Every challenge consists of a series of assignments that will test their physical endurance and mental capacities: Fear - Riddle - Orientation - Escape - Memory. Teamwork and communication are crucial.

Does one of these activities sound appealing? Or is there another event you would like to organise at Fort Napoleon? Contact the team at Meet In Oostende. We will be happy to help you plan a successful event!