Ostend and Portima: a great time for all – guaranteed!

Portima has been developing innovative IT solutions for thirty years now, primarily for customers operating in the field of insurances. That means lots of bits & bytes and computer monitors, so it was only obvious that a team-building event in Ostend should include lots of exercise and time spent in natural surroundings. A group of 80 Portima employees departed for the coast for a day of sports, fun games and delicious food. Management Assistant Carine Vanherenthals tells us enthusiastically about their day.

‘When my colleagues say that a team-building day like this is worth repeating, it clearly means that they had a great time. Although I organised the event together with Lieke of Meet in Oostende, I was unfortunately unable to join them. My compliments to the organisation, by the way: our cooperation was truly enjoyable. Quick to respond, always prepared to resolve any issues, flexible and a great programme. These are all reasons why collaborating with Meet in Oostende is so pleasant.’

Carine Vanherenthals continues: ‘After some earlier team-building events in the Ardennes, in the countryside and in our art cities, the team asked specifically if the next outing could be held at the seaside. I had not expected this at all, considering that our employees come from all over Belgium – but why not? I went online and when I landed on the Meet In Oostende website, I knew there was no need to keep searching. This was exactly what we were looking for.’

‘The questionnaire we put out after the event showed that Ostend had been an ideal choice. The most memorable activity was the adventure game around Fort Napoleon. The event was put together so cleverly! Of course, everyone enjoyed the activities on and near the sea most – even if summer had already passed,’ reflects Carine.

The programme created specifically for Portima

  • Fort Adventure
  • Lunch at Fort Napoleon
  • Beach and water sports - go-kart tour
  • Dinner at the Venetian Galleries

What do you think? Are you itching to organise an unforgettable team-building event in Ostend too? Get in touch with us!