Special chemistry between BASF and Ostend

Ostend is a unique location for team-building events. There’s no better place to unwind after a busy day! That certainly applies to the team at BASF, the chemical giant with branches all over the world. They recently explored the city by the sea as part of a tailor-made team-building event organised by Meet in Oostende, for a fun mix of pleasure, discovery and more serious matters. We asked Julie Montulet, Marketing Officer at BASF, how she liked it.

‘We try to arrange a different team-building event every year. This is never easy, considering the size of our team and that we want the activities to be accessible and appealing to all. As our last event was held in Wallonia, we decided this year should be somewhere in Flanders. It had been ages since we last saw the North Sea, so we opted for Ostend.’

‘I do think we made the right decision. Unfortunately, it rained during our Crystal Ship tour. This is a route that takes you along the city’s impressive street art. The activities at Fort Napoleon were simply fabulous. Everyone had a wonderful time. Toi, Moi et la Mer is a fantastic place to have lunch, particularly considering the quality of the food. And Phare East, where we held our barbecue, is the epitome of conviviality.’

‘I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Meet in Oostende. The arrangements for our team-building programme were communicated very efficiently. This is not unimportant, because you do need to get things done. We felt supported right from the start. Everything also ran very smoothly on the day, with due consideration for our wishes and schedule. We were very pleased with the support on site.’

The programme for BASF

8 September

10:00: Arrival and check-in of BASF team
10:30: Start meeting
12:30: Lunch
13:30: To Visserskaai and then by ferry to Fort Napoleon
14:30: Start of Fort Adventure activity
17:30: To Phare East for barbecue
Return to hotel

9 September

07:30-9:00: Breakfast & check-out
09:30: The Crystal Ship Rally
12:30: Lunch at Toi, Moi et la Mer
14:30 Return to hotel to pick up luggage

So, what do you think? Are you itching to organise your own unforgettable team-building event in Ostend? Let us know and we will take you through all the options!