Trawling for shrimp and the Metaverse - Team Building with JCI Waregem

Did you know most shrimp are born male? They don’t become female until they’ve found another female with whom to make little baby shrimp. Shrimp fisherman and local legend Paul is brimming with facts about shrimp and is happy to share these with his guests. The members of JCI Waregem, formerly known as Jonge Kamer, got to learn all about these wriggly grey creatures during their Ostend team building event. Aline Van den Weghe, membership manager JCI Waregem, is clearly enthusiastic.

“JCI is an association for entrepreneurs that values development opportunities and training. This means we like our team building activities to have educational elements too. For example, this time we included a seminar about the Metaverse at the Faar non-fiction book festival. That was very interesting. However, the winner was definitely our shrimp trawling session with Paul. He really knows what he’s doing.”

“We began by cramming ourselves into our waterproof suits at 8:30 in the morning, a comical start to the day. I was happy enough to be wearing it once we entered the water, as it was quite chilly despite the sun. There were 18 of us stumbling through the surf, making for a lively affair. Unfortunately, a storm the day before had driven the shrimp to deeper water and the extent of our catch made it most suitable as an appetiser. Shrimp trawling takes place year-round, but the peak is actually between August and November. Anyway, we still learned how to peel and cook our 250 grams. After a day like that, the hot tub and sauna at Villa Wellington, our splendid accommodation, felt even better than they would have been otherwise.”

“We wanted a team-building event that was guaranteed to be fun and interesting, as our membership has more than doubled in a short span of time. Luckily, Meet In Ostend are extremely good at their job. They had everything well in hand throughout the weekend and the various activities were definitely well-chosen. On our first day, we admired The Crystal Ship’s impressive street art all over the city. The app was very handy and filled with fun facts. Sunday was a day of relaxation, with a lovely brunch and a wander along the beach and through the shopping area before we headed contentedly home again.”

“The best proof of this event’s success is the slight envy in evidence among members who missed out. They have made it clear that they will be among the first to sign up next time.”


What do you think? Interested in having your own team experience the wonders of trawling for shrimp?