Generation WOW: a unique event deserves a unique venue

During the pandemic, we all took to walking, video calls and quizzes with great enthusiasm. And you may have stumbled upon the podcast or Instagram account for Generation WOW, brainchild of Angelique Foré and Barbara De Beir. Under the motto “Empower your network”, Generation WOW took on the offline world as well with a hugely successful conference. More than 900 women entrepreneurs and various eloquent speakers gathered here to create a unique and above all, inspiring day. Belgium’s first-ever Business Conference for women was a great success, and Ostend’s Kursaal a fitting venue.

Angelique Foré (founder): “Meet in Oostende was the perfect host. We were made to feel very welcome and their team was always ready to provide support or advice as needed. Ostend and its Kursaal are also a great fit for us. This is a city that’s constantly searching for new opportunities, ways to establish networks and bring people together in order to encourage entrepreneurship. Just like Generation WOW. Furthermore, a unique event deserves a unique venue. And the Kursaal is a real gem.”

“We’ll be back next year, in fact. Our attendees were highly complimentary, the speakers were impressed – and unbelievably impressive themselves – and productivity and networking were the order of the day. We did what we set out to do and that makes us very proud.”

Karen Liekens, founder of Metakabinet, attended the event and confirms,“From the speakers to the programming, the nibbles, drinks and opportunities to network with extremely interesting entrepreneurs; Generation WOW got all the details exactly right.Their reputation is well-deserved.I gained loads of useful tips on marketing, inclusive communication, daring, teamwork and both business and personal relationships.I was especially impressed by Cédric Dumont’s presentation, which gave me flashes of insight multiple times.”

“And the location! Kursaal Oostende was wonderful, with comfortable seating, an excellent sound system and a well-designed stage: a fantastic experience all round.”

Did you know? Minister Annelies Verlinden was so impressed by the speakers (Esther Perel, Fredo Desmet, Cedric Dumont, etc.) that she was extremely eager to attend. “The guest list was more than welcome,” says Angelique with a smile.