Meet in Ostend and VLAIO think big

Organising team-building events – it is an art. Finding the right balance, making all members of the group enthusiastic, enjoying the day, offering some excitement and having fun. And, of course, enjoying a great meal! When VLAIO, the Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship Agency, knocked on our door in Ostend, we were immediately looking forward to the challenge. They wanted to organise a team-building event for over 300 people. Nancy Schoofs, management assistant, offers an enthusiastic explanation.

“VLAIO is a relatively large agency; I have more than 400 colleagues. People from all provinces, of all ages, and with a wide range of interests. Our offices are spread out all over Flanders, which makes it a challenge to gather everyone in one place. These team-building events are very important to our company. We often try to fill the morning with fun activities followed by a lunch together. Each event takes place at a new location, and it was Ostend’s turn this time.”

“It was a great success! Everyone was very enthusiastic about the activities. Beach games, city golf, the Ensor House, the quest ... This was the first time in years I drove a go-cart. Hilarious. I want to make the Kursaal and the provided catering a great compliment. We genuinly enjoyed ourselves. Eating together is an important part of our team-building events, as it offers the opportunity to talk with colleagues you don't see that often.” 

“Meet in Ostend was the right partner for us because organising such large team-building events involves a lot of challenges. We were given the information we needed in beautiful brochures in advance, while they looked for a location for the lunch. When we had difficulties meeting the schedule, Meet in Ostend arranged a coach for the colleagues who wanted to visit Provincial Domain Raversyde. Well done! We were given the opportunity to visit everything in advance, which ensured us that the day would be a success.”

The programme

  • Reception at Kursaal Ostend and Walrave
  • Groups were divided to attend the following events:
    • Visit to Raversyde
    • Visit to Ensor House
    • Beach XL Games
    • Photo quest
    • City golf
  • Lunch buffet in Kursaal Ostend