In the spotlight: Herbalife event in Ostend

They had to wait 2 years for it, but from 22 to 24 April Herbalife could finally organise its event for distributors and partners again. The organisation had its eye on Ostend, more specifically the ACEG Wellington Hippodrome, which turned out to be a very successful choice.

During 3 days, the multifunctionality of the Hippodrome and the accompanying Bagatelle hall were fully exploited. The first day started with a seminar, reception and walking dinner for about 200 people, to move on to a conference, a gala night with seated dinner and a party for no less than 700 people on the second day. On the final day, that number increased to 850 people, where a seminar with presentations and training sessions with (inter)national speakers were on the agenda.

The choice for the Wellington Hippodrome was made because of its excellent location and the easy accessibility of Ostend. The organisation of such a large event also brings in many challenges and the people of the Wellington Hippodrome distinguished themselves by always thinking along with us and looking for solutions.

Finally, there was nothing but praise for the hotels chosen, Andromeda and Upstairs. The positive comments included the helpfulness of the staff, the well-kept rooms, the fantastic breakfast and the excellent service.

May it be clear: Herbalife had a very successful event in Ostend, thanks to the professionalism and quality of all parties involved. A nice example of how to organise a top event in Ostend.

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Pictures: © Rik Verslype