Indoor team-building events in Ostend

Ostend offers a plethora of indoor team-building experiences. With a wide range of exciting options, varying from challenging puzzle rooms to inspirational workshops, our City by the Sea is the ideal setting for improving the dynamics within a team and raising the level of collaboration among its members.

Domino Experience

Domino Experience is a team activity that demands creativity as well as good communication and collaboration skills. Participants join forces in building a project from dominoes, in which a single mistake can ruin the entire project. The goal is to securely connect all projects, resulting in a grand domino finale. The workshop can be booked in combination with a lunch, a dinner or another activity.

Fort Adventure

At Fort Adventure in Ostend’s historic Fort Napoleon, teams are pitted against each other in five challenging missions, inspired by the popular television series Fort Boyard. The various missions test the participants’ physical and mental capacities, in which fear, memory, the ability to escape, orientation and solving riddles all pass the review. The winning team is conferred the title ‘Emperor of the Fort’.

Fish & Ships

Experience the life of a fisherman or a sailor during the ‘Fish & Ships’ programme on the Mercator and Amandine museum ships. Teams are given challenging missions that promote teamwork and communication – and are lots of fun too! The event can be concluded with a reception aboard one of the ships.

The Mole

The Mole is a team-building game in which the participants form teams that are pitted against one another. Some of them are given a double role, in which they endeavour to sabotage the mission. The goal for each team is to win, despite the element of betrayal.

Escape to victory

Escape to Victory is a mobile escape game in which teams try to solve puzzles and riddles in an endeavour to detonate a bomb planted by ‘the Crazy Scientist’. Every box contains materials for 8 to 15 players, and each game takes approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete.

Infinite Loop

‘The Odyssey’ is a virtual team-building event that focuses on communication between the real and the virtual world. Teams made up out of ‘White Hackers’ are given the task of helping a young man escape who is trapped in a virtual world. By alternating between VR glasses and reading instructions, they need to collaborate and decipher codes to complete their mission.

The Big Picture

The Big Picture is a unique team-building activity in which the participants paint a replica of a masterpiece together. This promotes collaboration and results in a lasting understanding of what it is to be part of a team. Companies have been using this programme to disseminate messages such as ‘achieving goals through collaboration’ or ‘every contribution counts’, which helps to strengthen corporate values. The resulting work of art then serves as a tangible memento to remind the employees of the effectiveness of teamwork and inspire them to collaborate, even long after the event has taken place.